Golf Tips for the Weekend Golfer with John Souza

We’re back talking golf and not just PGA Tour this time.  This one is for us weekend hacks.  John Souza, Director of Instruction at John Souza Golf & Fitness Academy joins us for some really great golf tips to help get us through that mid-season lull.  John will share his great insight on…

  • If we only have 10-15 minutes to warm up what should we focus on?
  • Favorite drill to help cure that slice
  • What kinds of exercises should we be doing during the week to get ready for our round?
  • Why our practice swings are perfect and then we get over the ball and everything goes to hell

Plus, John shares some insight into the history of Rory McIlroy’s back issues.  They have been around longer than we think.

Check out John at and on Twitter @johnsouzapga.

Author: The Radio Blast

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