Practical Father’s Day Gift Ideas (Updated for 2017)

Look there are hundreds of lists out there of fun things to buy dad for Father’s Day.  But let’s face it they are usually outlandish things that dad will never use, like a baseball bat bottle opener for $125 thanks I’ll use my Simon Pure one that has been in my family for 50 years and probably cost $1. Or how about a personalized cutting board for $165, you know, in case you forget your name while chopping veggies.

Most of these lists on the interweb are designed to sell you things.  I personally don’t get a dime if you buy anything on our list.  Plus, have the people putting together these lists even tried any of these products? Probably not.  So I present to you my list of practical Father’s Day Gift Ideas.  All of these are things your dad will actually use and they are all things that have been personally tested by yours truly at Radio Blast headquarters.

**Important note: I don’t get any kickback or sponsorship money for these products.

Grandpa’s Pine Tar Soap

Sure you could buy dad fancy soap at one of those overpriced Bath, Body Works and Beyond-type stores at the mall that will make him smell like a french countryside.  Or you could buy him old-school pine tar soap.  It smells strong in the box but don’t let that deter you.  Once lathered it’s not as strong on the skin.  Plus if dad has dry skin or eczema this will clear it up in just days.  Trust me!  Where to find it: Amazon

Pine Tar Soap


doTERRA Deep Blue Rub

An amazing thing happens after you turn 40, like I did this year, everything starts to hurt.  My wife turned me onto this all natural muscle rub that is nothing short of a miracle.  Yes, it’s filled with essential oils but this is no hippie dippie product.  This just straight up works to relax any muscle aches and pains you might have.  Where to find it: Amazon


doTERRA Deep Blue Rub

Razor Pit Sharpener

Remember when I said I’ve tried and tested everything on this list?  Well I lied.  I putting this item on here as a test to see if my wife pays attention to my posts.  Sure you can join those dollar shave club things but I’ve tried them and the best thing I can say is they only cost a dollar.  Unless you have a perfectly round smooth baby face they will cut you apart.  If you actually have angles on your face you’ll want a nice sharp blade when shaving.  This seems like it will help do the trick. Where to find it: Uncommon Goods


Razor Sharpener

SHARKK Boombox Speaker

Not only do I use just about everything on this list, I also do my research before purchasing.  Last year I decided I wanted a bluetooth speaker for our outdoor patio.  I wanted something, small, easy-to-use that could still pack a punch.  This speaker fit the bill perfectly.  Like most things on this list you could buy much more expensive versions like the Bose speakers.  However, this boombox speaker from SHARKK rated just as high as the Bose systems for a fraction of the cost.  It’s simple to pair with any mobile device and the sound quality is excellent with just enough base for outdoor use. Where to find it: Amazon


SHARKK Boombox


Brewcraft Intermediate Homebrew Equipment Starter Kit

If dad loves beer, he’ll love making his own.  And ladies don’t worry homebrewing isn’t messy and doesn’t take up a ton of space.  This kit from Brewcraft has everything dad will need to get started and it’s available from our friends at KegWorks.  Just think of the pride dad will have bringing his own beer to the neighborhood July 4th party! Where to find it:


Homebrew Kit

How to Be a Man: (and other illusions)

It’s not often that I finish a read a book cover to cover, but when the bassist for my favorite band of all time wants to tell me how to be a better person I’m all ears.  Duff shares some great life advice from his life in music and as a dad to two girls.  And he does it in a self deprecating style that doesn’t come off as arrogant or preachy.  Along with the great advice are some terrific stories from the road including one of seeing a very popular actor just hours before he OD’d.  Duff doesn’t say who it is by name but it didn’t take much to Google who died on the date in question.  Where to find it: Amazon

How to Be A Man (and other illusions)

Wireless Meat Thermometer 

Nothing will kill a relaxing evening of wine and meat than having to get up every few minutes to check whatever meat you have on the grill or oven.  Spare dad the guesswork and let him actually relax with this wireless thermometer.  Again, you’ve probably seen more expensive ones that can sync up with your iPhone.  You don’t need that.  You just need this guy at half the price.  I’ve been using this one for over a year and it hasn’t let me down yet. Where to find it: Amazon


Wireless Thermometer


Well there you have it.  A list of practical, not expensive gifts for dad for Father’s Day.  All tried and tested by yours truly. Except that razor sharpener, hint hint sweetheart!

Author: The Radio Blast

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