Friday Link Dump – Lenten Style

To all my Catholic friends, it’s the first Friday of Lent so instead of giving something up let’s start something new.  It’s our new feature, the Friday Link Dump.

There’s so much info out there that it’s tough to keep up.  So we decided to dump the weekly best of the best here every Friday.

Dan Patrick on the John Calipari “Cal Cast” – Two of the best at what they do sitting down and talking ESPN, 1 and done, and Adam Sandler movies.

Rolling Stone’s Profile of New Era Cap – When a major publications profiles a major company from my hometown then I have to promote it.

Artie Lange’s Ash Wednesday Story – I told you there’d be a Lenten spin on this week’s link dump.  Quite possibly the funniest story ever told on radio.

“Sports Over Beers” Roundtable – Ok, cheap plug here for our show but this one I’m really proud of.  Tyler Dunne (Bleacher Report) & Brian Moritz (Sports Media Guy) sit down with me over beers to talk sports and sports media.

NFL Combine’s Crazy Interview ProcessAlex Marvez (Sporting News) looks at some of the crazy (and illegal) interview questions prospective NFL players have been asked at the combine.

Baylor’s Kim Mulkey Wants Us To Move On From the Scandal – I just can’t let this story go.  The ignorance coming from the Baylor campus on a regular basis is astounding.

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