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The madness is upon us so it’s time to take stock of the college basketball world.  We had a great chat with Aaron Torres from Fox Sports as we get ready for the big dance.

  • The Power 6 team that needs their conference tourney the most
  • The most important conference in terms of seeding and bubble bursting
  • Is it ok for top teams to lose early in their tourneys to rest up for the big dance?
  • Is this a down year for mid majors and potential Cinderellas?
  • Have we reached critical mass with the one and dones in college basketball?
  • Is Illinois a Top 15 job in the country (we had some fun debating this one)

Plus I’ll tell you why Jets fans are going to be suffering this year but not much past it.  I’ll share my thoughts on the combine and how it can be changed.

And we’ll discuss Spin’s 95 best alt songs of 1995 and Deadspin’s Best Sounds In Sports.

Follow Aaron on Twitter throughout the Tournament @Aaron_Torres.  And here are the links to order Aaron’s book: One and Fun: A Behind the Scenes Look at John Calipari and the 2010 Kentucky Wildcats



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