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The Brewman Goes To Tree House Brewing

Tree House Brewing Review

Waiting in line for hours in order to get a few cans of beer?  That’s exactly what we did.  Any normal beer lover would do the same, right?

It was our first trip to Tree House Brewing, so we were a little unsure as to what we were supposed to do upon arrival. One thing we knew it would involve, is waiting in line…which we also knew would be totally worth it.

We ended up staying at a hotel about 20 miles from their location in Monson, Massachusetts, and figured we’d get up at about 8am and try to arrive around 9am.  It worked out perfectly.  When we got there the line was already formed, so we quickly parked the car and got behind the last person in line.  In hindsight, taking chairs and sun block would have been a good idea because it was sunny and hot!  Way too hot to be waiting in line for 2 hours!

We struck up a conversation with the gentleman behind us who told us what to expect.  He said about an hour before they open some of the employees start to walk down the line handing out cards for growler fills and you check off what you want depending on availability.  Always get as many as you can!  He also said once the line starts moving keep up the pace.  When you get in head to the right for cans, and then circle back for your growlers that are already filled!  We were lucky enough to leave with 12 cans of Julius and a few growlers of Haze. Two beautifully crafted IPA’s. What a score!

Julius pours a very hazy deep orange color, perfectly carbonated and very creamy looking.  Great head retention with this beer.  The nose is straight up citrus and tropical fruits, so so so juicy.  Specifically mango and oranges.  I mean so strong you can smell it from across the room.  The taste is just phenomenal.  The mouth feel is amazing.  So creamy and so smooth, perfect amount of malt, a touch of dryness, while at the same time bursting with so much flavor.  Oranges dominate, while i also find pineapple and mango flavors present as well.  Just beautiful

Haze pours a, go figure…hazy peach like color, nice white head of carbonation that holds very well.  Once again, as with all Tree House IPA’s, the aroma is outstanding.  Citrus dominates, peaches, oranges, and grapefruit are very noticeable as well.  Taste consists of so much citrus, an absolute juice bomb.  The oranges and grapefruit flavors blend so well together in this beer.  The mouth feel is very silky with such a smooth, easy bitter.  Don’t be surprised if you notice a bit of resin on your palate from the hop oils…I’m sure they use a ton in all their beers.

To some people it might sound crazy to wait in line for 12 cans of beers and 4 growlers.  Maybe it is?  Or maybe it’s not?  You decide.  But I’ll tell you one thing, these beers were worth every gallon of gas we bought and every minute we waited in line.  I now see why people wait for hours in line with the hopes of getting their hands on a few cans or a growler.

Tree House Brewing Review

Brewery: Tree House Brewing Company
Beer: Julius
Style: American India Pale Ale
ABV: 6.5
IBU: 72

Tree House Brewing Review

Brewery: Tree House Brewing Company
Beer: Haze
Style: India Pale Ale Imperial/Double
ABV: 8.2
IBU: 90

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Author: Aaron Weber

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