Trillium Brewing Company Review – IPA Perfection

I just want to take a few minutes to talk about a brewery I hold dear to my heart, Trillium Brewing Company. This brewery, in my opinion, has IPA’s and Pale Ale’s figured out. They really changed my mind on how IPA’s could and should be done.

Over the years I have drank a lot of beers from a lot of breweries. World class breweries. I could sit here and try to name them all but the list would go on and on for hours. But when it comes to choosing a favorite, there is just something about Trillium that I think is better than the rest.

A few months ago we made the 7 hour trip to visit their Canton, Massachusetts location. One of the first beers I had from them that I also wrote about a while ago was their Congress Street IPA. Easily my favorite IPA. My wife and I figured we’d take a small beer road trip again and fill up the trunk, and later our counter and fridge, with as many of their beers we could get our hands on.

Upon arrival we headed in and got right in the line for cans. After a few minutes wait we headed over to the counter where about 5 people were working to keep the line moving quickly. The woman who helped us was very nice and understanding, seeing we were first timers. About 600 dollars later our trunk was full and we were thirsty! We sampled every beer they had to offer that day, and it was at this point when I realized this place and their beer is just special.

Fast forward to today, a few months later. My friend Sam brought us back a bounty of their beers when he took the same trip we did. The first beer we cracked open was the Double Dry Hopped Summer Street IPA.

Double Dry Hopped Summer Street

It poured a beautiful bright hazy light orange. The aroma is out of this world, lemon, orange, and pine dominate. I mean you can smell it from across the room. No joke. Flavor is just as outstanding, the orange just pops, followed with a slight resinous aftertaste, a very light smooth bitter and slightly dry. Just phenomenal.

It’s not just this beer, or Congress Street, it’s literally all of their beers. They are all carefully crafted to perfection. The ingredients that go into them, the way they utilize certain hops in their beers and keep the focus on a just a few, not using tons of different hops in one beer, just works. Their “DDH” or Double Dry Hopped beers are a work of art. The balance between flavor, aroma, bitter, and dryness is like no other beer out there. The owners and who I’m assuming are the masterminds behind their beers, that I know got their start home brewing, JC and Esther Tetreault, really have it figured out.

Brewery: Trillium Brewing Company
Style: India Pale Ale
Beer: Double Dry Hopped Summer Street
ABV: 7.2

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Author: Aaron Weber

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