Fulton Chain Charlie’s Pumpkin Ale – Craft Beer Review

Fulton Chain Charlie’s Pumpkin Ale Review

The Brewman got lost in the mountains, And found his way back to his computer.

Whelp, unfortunately its getting to be that time of year, and I caved to the pressure.  I told myself I wouldn’t and I did.  It’s 80 degrees out and I’m drinking a pumpkin beer.

Every year in the fall my wife and I take the short 4 hour drive on the 90 up to the Adirondack Mountains, specifically Old Forge, NY.  I’ve been going there for years, and as much as I love the hot weather, it’s just more enjoyable up there when it’s a little cooler.  Hiking, mountain climbing, camp fires, and kayaking, are just a few of the things we do, all while enjoying a few beers, and for years I said the only thing the town was missing was a brewery…then along came Fulton Chain Craft Brewery.

Fulton Chain Craft Brewery

The brewery is located just a short walk outside of town on North Street in Old Forge.  Upon arriving the first thing you notice is a huge front deck lined with a bunch of chairs to sit on while enjoying one of their many beers, and a newly built beer garden!  The front doors take you right into the taproom that is lined with high top Adirondack chairs (that are super comfortable might i add) and a massive bar lined with built in plug outlets and USB ports for all your phone charging and Untappd needs!  The bar area also has plenty of tables to sit at along with an area that has a fire place to sit around and keep warm.

And, like I said earlier, I caved.  After looking over the draft list, and passing over some of my favorite beers they offer like Adventure Canoe, You Chinook Me All Night Long, and Fireside, I decided to give in and and go with Charlie’s Pumpkin Ale.

This beer pours a dark amber, almost copper color, and is perfectly carbonated with a creamy white head that hugged the outside of the glass throughout.  The nose to me starts off with a hint of pumpkin, followed by the sweet smell of caramel malts, cinnamon, sugar and spices.  The taste is dominated by a mixture of pumpkin, caramel, and cinnamon, with a very well balanced malt to spice ratio, and just enough bitter to balance out the sweetness of the beer.  It’s almost like a piece of pie in a glass.  This is one of my favorite pumpkin beers.  It’s a must have!

Before we finish here today, I have an honorable mention.  When we were at the brewery for this review there was a beer that drew me in with the name, and made me fall in love with the first sip…it’s called “Good Fluff Yourself.”  It’s a beer that is made with peanut butter and fluff…thats all im gonna tell you. It’s as amazing as it sounds!

So the next time you find yourself in the Adirondacks, and you will find yourself in the Adirondacks, make a pit stop in Old Forge, swing by Fulton Chain Craft Brewery, tell Justin and Rich I sent you, and order a Pumpkin Ale and back yourself up with a Go Fluff Yourself!  Feel free to put it on my tab!  Cheers!

Brewery: Fulton Chain Craft Brewery
Beer: Charlie’s Pumpkin Ale
Style: Pumpkin/Yam Beer
ABV: 6%

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Author: Aaron Weber

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