Voodoo Brewing Review – Time For a Road Trip!

Last minute trips are sometimes the best kind.  My wife and I always seem to ask each other late in the week what we’d like to do over the weekend.  We will throw out some ideas and almost every one involves beer.  Whether it’s going shopping for some beers to drink in the backyard while we grill, hitting up one of our favorite craft beer bars, or in this case, doing a quick search on an app I have called “Brewery Map” to see if there are any hidden gems close by.

So what would you do on a Friday night when you’re bored and sitting around?  The same thing we did.  Book a hotel and hit a brewery with the goal of trying every beer they have to offer…and we did.

Voodoo Brewing Review

About a 2 hour drive southwest of us is a brewery named Voodoo, in a small town named Meadville, Pennsylvania.  Super cool little town with some really nice people.  I had actually heard of this brewery before and had one of their beers, Voodoo Love Child, at a bar close to our house.  But, with how many breweries there are now, we forgot it was nearby until we re-discovered it.

We pulled up to the brewery, which was located in an old brick building.  The inside of the brewery was also all brick, and it had one of the biggest bars I’ve ever seen, almost the whole length of the room.  The tap list was written on the wall in chalk, along with a small (but great) food menu big enough for someone as blind as me to read.  They offered 10 beers, 5 were their “Big Fridge” that they offer all year round, and 5 were their “Mini Fridge” that are seasonal and or one-off’s.

As I said, at the beginning of this, we set out to try them all, and we did.  Some we had a few of.  But the 2 that I want to talk about are the Good Vibes West Coast style IPA and the 7 C’s Pale Ale.  All of their beer’s were really good, but these 2 stood out to me and had me going back for more…a few more.

Voodoo Brewing Good Vibes Review

The Voodoo Brewing Good Vibes pours a fairly hazy light orange/golden color with a thin white head that hugs the outside of the glass.  The smell up front is very fruity, almost the tropical kind, some citrus notes, oranges, and a honey-like sweetness.  The taste has a very low malt profile, some nice fruity notes, some orange, a good amount of resin and pine, and a very pronounced dry bitter to finish.  Overall a really tasty West Coast IPA.

Voodoo Brewing 7Cs Review

Next up is The Single Hop Series Pale Ale (7 C’s.)  This beer Pours a ultra hazy darker yellow color, nice thick creamy white head that left some great lacing on the glass.  The smell up front was an insanely intense amount of citrus.  Man was it glorious.  Oranges dominate with some lemon, floral notes, and a little grass character as well.  The taste was super super juicy.  Dominated by oranges and pineapple, a very smooth clean bitter, and finishes almost juice-like. The medium body makes for a great mouth feel.  Reminds me a lot of an East Coast style beer.  Phenomenal doesn’t describe it.

If you and the wife, some friends, even family are looking for a great brewery, some great beers, in a really nice small town that’s filled with some very nice people, look no further than this hidden gem, Voodoo Brewery.  We will definitely be making the trip back with some friends very soon.


Name: Good Vibes
Style: India Pale Ale
ABV: 7.3%
IBU: 85


Name: The Single Hop Series Pale Ale (7 C’s)
Style: Pale Ale
ABV: 4.5%
IBU: Unknown

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Author: Aaron Weber

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