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There will never be another like Muhammad Ali. The death of the former champ brings a close to an era of the mythological athlete. Of all the pieces that have been written about Ali in the days since his death, I especially enjoyed Daniel Roberts look back at his legacy.  You can read the article here.  Daniel joins us to discuss:

-What made Ali such a great fighter?
-Did his imperfections make the public embrace him even more?
-How would we view Ali if he was a young boxer today?

We’ll also chat with Sean Gentille who’s covering the Stanley Cup Final for the Sporting News.

-Who’s been the most important player in this series so far?
-The biggest reason the Sharks are down 3-1
-Does this post season run silence the Phil Kessel critics?
-and the most important question…where does Joe Thornton’s beard rank all time?

Plus my thoughts on the NBA Finals and the announced retirement of Verne Lundquist.

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