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Imagine trying to hit out of this church pew bunkers.  That’s the exact test the best golfers in the world will be facing at the US Open tees off at Oakmont Country Club in Pennsylvania.  As we do when it comes to majors we check in with Ryan Ballengee from Yahoo Sports and  Ryan is live at Oakmont and gives us his thoughts on:

-Is the traditional US Open set up “fair” to the players?
-Do fans want to see the best at their best or be challenged with a set up like Oakmont?
-How is Jordan Spieth’s mindset coming off the Masters meltdown?
-And to steal from Seinfeld, “what’s the deal with Rory McIlroy?”

Plus we’ll talk with Ken Fang from one of my favorite sites,

-The unique relationship between Muhammad Ali and Howard Cosell
-Where does Verne Lundquist rank among the all time greats?
-Is Chris Berman’s retirement from ESPN official?

Be sure to follow both of our guests on Twitter @RyanBallengee and @fangsbites.


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