Maine Beer Company – A Tiny Beautiful Something Review

A Tiny Beautiful Something Review

Walking around your local beer store looking for that hidden gem can be one of the most fun and rewarding things a craft beer lover can do. It can also be frustrating as hell. You’re not looking to go in and just pick up your everyday 6 pack, you’re looking to find something that you can’t regularly get, and may even be willing to spend a little extra money on it. So you walk up a down the isles for 15, 20, 30 minutes, maybe even longer if you’re like me. You spend all that time combing through every beer just to come up empty handed. Feeling defeated, you gravitate back towards the beers that you’ve spent years getting to know. That’s the spot I was in last week when shopping for some weekend beers.

The beer I ended up taking home with me was A Tiny Beautiful Something, brewed by Maine Beer Company, located in Freeport, Maine. Started in 1999, Maine Beer Company is a small batch brewery that focuses on brewing the best high quality beers, while also being dedicated to the cleanliness of the environment, and being as eco-friendly as possible. All of their spent grain and liquid waste is delivered to farmers for compost, fertilizer, and animal feed. According to their website they have even reduced their energy consumption by installing radiant floors, all LED light bulbs, and solar panels at the brewery. They also participate in something called “1% for the planet” which means that they donate 1% of their gross sales each year to a handful of organizations dedicated to keeping the environment a better place for us all. How cool is that? Well I could go on and on about how wonderful this company is, but I’m getting thirsty and my beer is getting warm.

A Tiny Beautiful Something has been, for a few years now, one of my go to beers. Why? Because I know exactly what I’m going to get every time I drink it. It’s one of those beers that when I see it, whether I’m out at a bar or buying some beers for home, I have to buy. It’s a fairly easy beer to find as long as it is distributed in the state you live in. They currently distribute their beers in about 14 states, most of which are located up and down the east coast. They are very thorough when it comes to dating their bottles, because as much as you and i enjoy fresh beers, they also want you to enjoy them as fresh as possible. This bottle was dated 3/29/16, and I bought it no more than 2 weeks later. Super fresh!

This beer pours a yellow to light orange color, with a dense white head of carbonation. Sitting back in my chair it looked to be a fairly clear beer, but with a closer look it’s actually quite hazy. To the smell, I first noticed a nice light orange citrus aroma, almost zest like, a tiny bit of a floral note, I also picked up on a hint of peach, and the faintest smell of bread, which you can get from some malts that are used. The taste has a lot going on. Now I believe this beer primarily uses a hop by the name of El Dorado. This beer is my first and only experience tasting a beer that uses only this variety of hop. I got a ton of orange and lemon up front. A few sips in as it warmed, I started to pick up on melon, peaches, and what I gathered to be a slight earthiness to it. The way this beer finishes is fantastic. It’s not too dry, it’s not to sweet, and it’s not too bready/malty. It’s a perfect balance of the 3.

Maine Beer Company offers a plethora of different beers. This is just one of them. Mind you, its a great one, but that doesn’t mean you should stop with this one…you should try them all! Now, after all the reasons I’ve given you to head out on a quest for their delicious beers, nothing short of a zombie apocalypse should stop you. Even that would be a bad excuse.

Maine Beer Company A Tiny Beautiful Something

Style- Pale Ale

ABV- 5.5

Author: Aaron Weber

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