MLB Week In Review – Who is Trevor Story?

MLB Week In Review (Week 1)

Week one of 30 is in the book of the Major League Baseball season, but we are already seeing some big stories starting to develop. Here is a recap of the first week of MLB:

The Neverending Story:

Who is Trevor Story?

No not that one!

Trevor Story has stolen the spotlight since making his debut on Opening Day. The Colorado Rockies shortstop became the first player to ever hit a home run in each of his team’s first four games AND the first player to ever hit seven home runs in a six-game span. Despite being on pace to hit 189 homers this year, odds are he will probably cool off a bit and finish around 25 or so. Story was my NL West Player to Watch (we all have to toot our own horn just a little bit from time-to-time) and he has made me look slightly competent when it comes to talking about baseball.

Mother Nature 1 MLB 0:

Many teams fell victim to Mother Nature early in 2016. Northern teams like the Indians, Red Sox, Yankees, Tigers and White Sox have all had games rescheduled because of terrible weather. Even a rescheduled game between Cleveland and Boston was rained out. For years, baseball writers have been asking schedule-makers to keep the first week primarily in the south; however, that would not help as the Miami Marlins had a game canceled due to rain (and they have a retractable roof). As the weather calms down, the schedule will start to fall back in line, but players are creatures of habit and being thrown off this early in the season can take a mental toll.

The Unbeatable O’s:

After one week, the Baltimore Orioles remain the only undefeated team in baseball. Their offense has been fueling their success but their; however, the big surprise has been their pitching. Considered by many to have the weakest pitching staff in the division, Baltimore pitchers have a combined 2.67 ERA. Regardless of whether it holds up or not, the Orioles have reminded everybody that they should not be tossed aside when it comes to watching the American League East Division. It will be fun to see how much longer they can keep it up.

The Ugly:

I am going to skip right over the “good” and the “bad” and jump right to the ugly. The Minnesota Twins (0-7) and Atlanta Braves (0-6) are the two remaining winless teams after the first week. The Twins have the ability to rebound as six of their seven loses have come by a combined 10 runs, but it still isn’t the prettiest way to start off the season. All of Atlanta’s losses have come at the expense of two of the strongest teams in the National League (St. Louis and Washington) but it still doesn’t look like they will be able to turn it around after entering rebuilding mode this offseason. It is going to be a long year for Freddie Freeman and Friends.

Author: Nate Discavage

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