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Hello all! My name is Aaron Joseph Weber and welcome to my blog! Let’s start out by me
telling you all a little bit about myself. As a 34 year old born and raised Buffalonian, I have
grown to love so many things about my wonderful city, the same things you all love about yours,
and that’s beer, food, and sports. Just not so much the weather. I don’t like winter. At all. But
let’s cut to the chase and talk about why I’m here.

Beer, food, and sports, because let’s be real, they all go hand-in-hand. Buffalo has always been
famous for its food and sports teams, but the craft beer resurgence into the city over the Last
few years has changed the game. Although beer has been around forever, craft beer has
exploded nationwide over the last decade or so. A few years ago the movement hit Buffalo,
bars started carrying beers that were unknown to us, and breweries started popping up all over
the place. Your home town has probably had a brewery or six pop up over the last few years
too. Like many other people from all over the country, the beer industry buzz sparked my
interest in beer and brewing, and everything that goes with it.

My blog will mainly focus on beer drinking it, brewing it, and sharing everything I’ve learned
about it with a little food, sports, and life mixed in. While I’ll be sharing some of my local brews
with you, I will be reviewing beers and breweries from around the world. Maybe there’s a
brewery in your city that makes the best IPA no one’s heard of yet…let me know! I’m open to
suggestions. I’m not an expert by any stretch of the imagination, but with years of experience
drinking beer, homebrewing beer, and talking to whoever will listen to me about beer, I can give
you a fairly educated opinion about it while having some fun with it.

My next entry will be my first beer review, so stop back and check it out, lets catch a buzz, eat
like kings, and pray for a franchise quarterback!

And don’t forget to follow me on Twitter @thebrewman81

Author: Aaron Weber

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