Resurgence Blood Orange Saison – Craft Beer Review

As I sat down to think about what would be my first beer to review, I had a few thoughts. Should
I pick a local beer? Should I pick a beer that is sold nationally? Should I pick a beer I’ve had
before or a beer that is new to me? What style should I pick? Well, after weighing all of my
options, I decided to go with a local beer, a style that I love, a beer that I know and love, and
one that I think everybody reading this will want to run out and try if they have yet to try it.

Resurgence Brewing Company’s Blood Orange Saison.

Resurgence Blood Orange Saison

To people unfamiliar with the style, Saison is an ale that was originally brewed in the winter
months in order to be enjoyed throughout the summer. First brewed in Wallonia, a French
speaking region of Belgium, it’s a complex style of beer with a lot of fun flavors and aromas
going on. Fruity, earthy, peppery, hints of lemon, lemongrass, a bit of tartness, dry, and not
very much sweetness at all. The grain bill consisting of mostly pilsner malt and wheat, with little
to no hop character. The yeast that is used to ferment the style is a wild yeast that has been
domesticated which is what gives it its acidity and tartness, plus high fermentation temperatures
create esters that give the style most of its flavors and aromas.

Pre-release of this beer I sat down with Dave Collins, the head brewer and mastermind of
Resurgence Brewing Company’s delicious beers, to enjoy a pour or 2 of the Blood Orange
Saison. One of the first things most people notice about a beer is the color. This beer pours a
beautiful hazy orange/copper color, accompanied by a nice thick white head of tightly formed
bubbles. To the nose the first thing I noticed was hints of orange rind, pepper, citrus and a
touch of lemon. And now on to the best part, the taste. Up front the first thing my taste buds
picked up on was a wonderful citrus tartness with a lingering blood orange flavor that rests on
the palate for more than a few moments. Towards the back end you get more of the earthiness
of the style with some of the pepper and lemon that you noticed in the aroma. This beer drinks
very clean and very dry which is one of my favorite things about this style of beer.

To people new to this style, don’t fear it. To people who love this style do whatever you can to
get your hands on this beer! For people living in the Buffalo area, it is available at the brewery.
Fill up a growler, or a crowler, or pick up a 6 pack because it’s also canned! For people not in
the area, either make the trip to Buffalo (because it’s worth it), or find a buddy to trade with!
Because even though we’re not supposed to mail beer, let’s be honest…we all do. Cheers!

Resurgence Blood Orange Saison

  • Style: Saison
  • ABV: 5.5%
  • IBU: 25
  • Color: Orange/Copper

Author: Aaron Weber

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