Quick Hits Take 1 – Who should be NFL MVP?

Time for a new segment called Quick Hits. (By the way I’m total open to a new name for that so send em my way @dr883)  We’re going to do this when I just have a bunch of things I want to talk about but not spend a lot of time doing it.  These are going to be 10-15 minute segments on a variety of topics.  In this first episode we’ll address:

Which Heisman winner had the best NFL career?
Is Mike Reilly really an upgrade from Bo Pellini?
Why sacks are so overrated.
and Watt vs. Rodgers for NFL MVP.  To me it’s pretty clear.

**Note: Serious E me on this one.  I got Mike Reilly confused with Mike Gundy.  It’s those similar color schemes for the schools.  I will now go run a lap as punishment.**









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