Best of 2014

As we come to the end of our first year of The Radio Blast it’s a written law that we are supposed to list our “Best of 2014”.  So here goes…


Unlikely Praise

We all have to start somewhere.  This was the first episode of The Radio Blast.  Here we talk about the Super Bowl, the Hall of Fame and the Olympics.  Plus the unexpected praise of Pete Carroll and Michael Irvin…I know I’m getting soft in my older years.

Let’s Eat

In this episode we talk with food blogger and fellow snark lover, Jared Paventi about our hatred of Olive Garden, the perfect meal, the next trend in restaurants and why we’re not food snobs…ok we might be food snobs. Jared also gives us some insight into having a daughter with celiac disease and of course…our favorite Golden Girls episode.

Geeking Out

What happens when you get two sports media geeks together to talk everything from the current state of journalism, to why ESPN sucks (only a few minutes of that I promise), to why the word “brand” is killing journalism?  The latest edition of The Radio Blast featuring my fellow media geek, reporter, blogger and professor Brian Moritz.  Fair warning to my regular listeners (both of you) that this is a full on geekout.  But you should listen anyway.

2014 College Football Preview

Listen to this one just to find out how bad my predictions are.   We’ll take a look at the biggest story lines for the season.  PAC 12 vs. SEC…can USC rebound…is this the year Oregon makes the leap…and of course predictions for the final 4.

Interview with GQs Brett Martin

Brett Martin the author of “Difficult Men: Behind the Scenes of a Creative Revolution: From The Sopranos and The Wire to Mad Men and Breaking Bad” joined us to talk everything from tailgating at Ole Miss to his recent GQ cover story on Matthew McConaughey to his profile of two of my heroes Bill Murray and Harold Ramis. It was a great conversation with someone who is living the writers dream.

FU List Take 2

Since me being pissed off seems to be one of the most listened to episodes I couldn’t leave it off this list. There’s a long list of people getting FUs this time around.  From Florida State students to google wearing baseball players…from Ole Miss coaches to the #1 FU, sanctimonious sports reporters.  They all get hit with an FU!

College Football Playoffs with Sports Illustrated’s Zac Ellis

Humble brag time getting an SI writer on the show.  Plus it’s another great episode to listen to to see if we get our predictions right.

The Christmas Spectacular

Combine a bunch of wine with our good buddy Brian Conaghan on Christmas Eve and you’ve got an instant classic.  We talk about what it’s like growing up in New York at Christmas.  And we’ll also debate our favorite Christmas movies and songs.


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